Large pool of software architects, engineers, developers and programmers can develop softwares custom made for client’s specific needs.

    We develop our software for both Linux and Microsoft platforms.

    We use “agile methodology” for developing our software.

    We use both scrum and Kanban frameworks for managing our projects.

    Our teams use the devops (development&operations) practices such as continuous integration and continuous delivery.

    Our teams are well experienced on using automated software quality tools.

    Our software packages are compatible to IATA CUSS&CUWS Standards.

    Our customers use the following software modules we have developed:

    • KMS
    • KMS+KAPP+ALAPP+Airline interface
    • Q-VİSTA

    Our self check-in solution is successfully contributing to the self service experience of passengers of the leading airlines in major airports in Turkey. Software package is mainly composed of the modules which are responsible for managing and monitoring hardware components of the system. Because of the fact that passenger check-in scenarios vary greately for different airlines and their different segments of passengers, we provide custom solutions at user interface and process management layers which are built on top of the hardware management platform.

    Examples of our current solutions:

    • Integrating existing web based check-in applications by injecting java-script API to communicate with the hardware management platform.
    • Custom check-in applications developed according to different requirements

    Examples of our scenarios running on our self check-in systems:

    • Check-in: Passengers identified by ID Card, passport, boarding pass, or manually entered information validated by DCS can check-in and print out their boarding pass.
    • Bag Tagging: Passengers can weigh their baggages and print out their bag tags after check-in or directly when checked in already.
    • Paying for excess  baggage: Passengers can pay for their excess baggages via our integrated POS devices.
    • Check-in systems can be installed integrated with our self bag drop system for the completion of all the process without human asistance at all.

    Currently supported hardware components

    • Passport reader
    • Weighing machine
    • Bagtag printer
    • POS Device