Q-KMS is a platform developed to configure and manage the kiosks and their hardware components connected to airline/airport systems. It was designed with the guidance of IATA Common Use Self Service (CUSS) principles.

Q-KMS platform supports kiosks in both dedicated single-application (DSAM) and multi-application (MAM) modes. The most central component of Q-KMS is application manager to coordinate and manage applications and events related. Application manager performs the following major functions:

  • Coordinating multiple applications in MAM mode.
  • Watching applications by the means of operation system, interrupts them if necessary
  • Restarting applications as scheduled.
  • Publishing the events to the applications and other stakeholders.
  • Accepting remote requests from Q-KMS Server such as the commands to change the states of applications, testing or querying hardware components.

Common Launch Application (CLA) is a GUI provided by Q-KMS has the following basic functionalities:

  • Taking control of the screen if none of the applications is available to do that and providing appropriate GUI in such cases.
  • Testing hardware devices, diagnosing issues.
  • Assisting airline staff to help passengers who are having problems using kiosk.
  • Monitoring events and logs that system generates
  • Checking configuration of the kiosk

Q-KMS can be used both as a stand-alone product and as a platform integrated to our other products such as KAPP, ALAPP and customer adaptations.