Q-ViSTA is the queue management system of QUAViS with the following functionalities:

  • Ticket dispernser: The customer enrollment module to provide ticket to customers
  • Visual Display: The waiting list and the customers served instantly are displayed with high resolution.
  • Digital Signage: Varioud media player applications such as RSS feed, moving texts and a web page running on the waiting area of HD screens.
  • Privilege definitions: User privileges are defined by macros for the queueing orders of different segments of users.
  • Usage Statistics and reporting: The statistics reflecting the user behaviour helps to the managers in their decision making process.
  • Monitoring: This module is designed for both local branch managers and the upper level managers at the headquarter of the organizations.

Q-ViSTA software is CUSS 2.0 compatible. Hence it is one of the rare software applications using CUSS 2.0 standard.