Common Use concept mainly refers to a set of industry standards developed by the International Air Transport (IATA) to facilititate the sharing of airport infrastructure among multiple airlines.

Common Use Serf Service (CUSS) and Common Use web Services (CUWS) are two of the Common Use standards focusing on different points of communication channel established for the flight operations between the passenger and airlines.

CUSS stands for Common Use Self Service, which is a technology that enables passengers to perform self-service functions such as check-in, printing boarding passes, and baggage tagging at airport kiosks. These kiosks are shared among multiple airlines and service providers, allowing passengers to use them regardless of the airline they are traveling with. The CUSS system is based on common technical standards and protocols that enable the kiosks to interface with multiple airline reservation systems and other airport systems. The benefits of the CUSS system include improved passenger convenience and flexibility, reduced waiting times, and increased efficiency for airlines and airports.

CUWS stands for Common Use Web Services, which is a technology that enables airlines and other service providers to access common-use systems and services over the internet. This allows airlines to access shared airport systems such as departure control systems, baggage reconciliation systems, and flight information displays from remote locations, without the need to install and maintain their own proprietary systems at each airport they serve. The CUWS system is based on common technical standards and protocols that enable secure and reliable access to shared systems and services. The benefits of the CUWS system include reduced costs and increased flexibility for airlines, and improved efficiency and resource utilization for airports.

We as a software provider for self aviation service kiosks, are developing our software products with the goal of compatibility with CUSS and CUWS standards.

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